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19 October 2006 @ 03:49 pm
Today - a rather pointless entry.  
Heh, I have a really awesome bruise on my knee. It's purple. =D

School was fun today, though I almost didn't get there. Usually I get up at 7:30, but this morning went something like this:

*at 8:30*

Me - *asleep*

Dad - Claire: *poke* Wake up!

Me - AAARRGhghglglgghh.

Dad - What time do you want to go to school?

Me - Um...around 8:30?

Dad - *looks at the clock* Err....

He was supposed to ask me when I wanted to go to school at an APPROPRIATE time! Not after it's too late to get there in time for form! >< Ok, I do have a double spare this morning, but when have I stayed home on a thursday? I can't even REMEMBER. I was counting on that spare to get all my work done. >< I did manage to get there for most of it, but I had to wait in a huge queue of late people to sign in because I missed form. And I would have been quicker if dad had helped me with my jobs. So far he's made everything in my life harder for me since I got back. ><

But school was fun. We spent the whole day just talking about camp. The teachers were really annoyed. =P Oh, and I got my music composition from term 2 back. I got an A! Andre got an A+. =D

We have a school dance tonight. I think our grade is going to get there and fall asleep. I have too much pain in my arms to dance. (and my shoulder blades are currently trying to stab through my back. ><)


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