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Claire's Place

O Captain! My Captain!

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Uni student of Literature and Linguistics in Brisbane, Australia

This journal is friends only, but more friends are always appreciated! =]

Once upon a time there were three children who lived with their mother and father in a house surrounded by mountains. When the children were still small, the family left their home to go on an adventure and travelled around the world until they reached a far off land in the north. They lived for four happy years on an island where the grass was always green, the seasons always different, and where there were always magical things hiding in the woods waiting to be discovered, and soon they forgot all about that distant, southern land where they had once lived. They went on many adventures while living on this island, such as exploring castles in the far north, visiting islands with large waterwheels, running through beautiful gardens and fields of endless flowers, staying in cottages by dark lakes and making maps of moors with treacherous sinking bogs.

Finally, one Christmas, they left their beloved island to travel back across the seas to the land of their birth. The middle child thought this would be a grand adventure, and told all her friends that she was going to live in a land where it was always summer. She was so excited that she never stopped to think that she was leaving everyone she knew and loved behind forever. After a long and tiring journey the family arrived in the great southern land, and settled back into their home between the mountains. But it was not what the little girl had expected. There were no seasons here, no castles and no woods - only brown grass, pale, washed-out trees and endless oppressive heat. The little girl grew up unhappy and lonely, never quite fitting in, always longing for her town on the beautiful island in the north that she knew was her true home.

But as she got older, things began to change. She made real friends for the first time and started to have adventures again. With the help of some unexpected heroes, a Happy Duck, a Slightly Bemused Koala, a crow called Garth, a camel with a god-complex, an extremely girly dragonslayer's apparentice, some dwarfs marching off a cliff, a roleplay set in the future, a poncy looking maths teacher, a Padme stampede, a silly romance involving a teacher and a student, a harper called Fionnbarr and a couple of thousand lurking turnips, the not-so-little girl discovered that she had finally found a place that she could call home.

The girl, however, could not resist setting off on one last adventure, and travelled far away again to an even more distant northern country called Finland, where she lived for a year having an amazing time exploring the country and making friends with reindeer and trying not to freeze. After returning home to Australia, she now studies arts at a beautiful university with incredibly epic sandstone buildings (that don't look anywhere near as nice on the inside), so that she can learn more about world and its history, literature and languages.

She still dreams one day of becoming an author and telling stories about adventures, castles, woods and lakes. And maybe a turnip or two.